Off to meet Grandma 1998
gThe cat and the rat said that relations are bad,they goes out happily taking a streetcar.hI want to draw such a picture.The seen person imagines the place to which they go, I imaged who is looking at two people who have gone out happily envying it.I thought why I had wanted to draw such a picture.Why are they together in train...?I recalled it, The house moved from Takamatsu to Tokushima when I was the fourth grader in the elementary school. The memory remained that Iyearn for the country and grandma,I took the train from Tokushima to Takamatsu with the younger sister in summer vacation and the winter break.It was uneasy and fully me while it had been taking a streetcar.We might take a different train, and go to a different place, I was uneasy. But, because I was an elder brother, it kept usual.It begins production while thinking about such a bygones thing. Still,it was an image of those days' Japanese National Railways.

I looked for the type of an old train, but it was not though it went to Osaka Station.It is neither a box seat it is nor a seat of the Keihan train either. When it thought variously, I went to Toyama to produce the bronze statue of Kitanozauls.It saw in from the return to ride on the express ptarmigan and the window to the Kozai line.I thought that old feeling was near the image.Afer that, I after a while went to the Kozai line to get on. It was thought that I should understand atmosphere at the time of taking a picture, pouched Mickey mouse's stuffed animal, I went to Kyoto Station with JR. I transferred to the train in the Kosai line at Kyoto Station. And, I immediately began taking a picture. It was a day when the weather was good. Luckily there was a vacant seat. However, there were many people. I put out Mickey mouse's stuffed animal from the paper bag and begin to take a picture because it is not time when feels shy. Even if I seem a strange person it can't be helped. It is pretend that everyone doesn't know. Because I panicked, I take a picture with the paper bag put. The part of the chair that should not have been put os not seen, and it takes a picture again. The image of the place where the hand that has placed to the chair is put is different. I wanted a simpler thing. I takes a picture the desire though it differs. But, this thinks that there may be a real feeling. Everyone disregards my thing. I gradually becomes impudent. In the place with the girl in the next booth, there is a can of tea. I thought that this was also good. And, I take a picture of it with great boldness. The train began to move. I saw scenery from the window to the outside. I go straight to Omi-Maiko.I get off at the station in Omi-Maiko. Glorious day. I enter the restaurant at the hotel in Omi-Maiko hear the lake just before the station. I sit on a chair. There are none of guests. Sunlight strikes into me through the glass.The pleasant sun. The beer is drunk while eating. After that, I go out, and walk in sands in the lakefront. Shoes are taken off and it enters water. A small fish is seen to be swimming. I return after it sunbathes for a while.

I begin to make a rough drawing while seeing the taken photograph after it returns. I think that it seems to be able to draw well, and I keep making a rough drawing. The light that had not been noticed when taking a picture was reflected in the photograph. I think that I use it as it is. I think that it is an end if it thinks going to the locale to be troublesome though I am not a police detective. The rough sketch of the reduction is completed on tracing paper. I am always drawing the first rough sketch small. It is caught in the small size when drawing first large. It loses sight of something big, and it draws small because it becomes ill-balanced. And it expands with the copier when enlarging it. Oh dear, I think that atmosphere is good. However, neither netak fittings in the detail and the window nor cans of tea are understood as it stands. I think that it should go to take a picture again because it doesn't understand the relation between scenery and the glass. After the picture of tracing paper is copied onto the illustration board, coloring the illustration is started. First of all, it starts from the can of handy tea. About end of coloring completed while always keeping faint. There is no last point though it always draws. There is no completion. I reluctantly put the brush because there is a deadline. If nothing is said I think that it draws indefinitely. And I think that it draws a better picture as follows. I think that it draws indefinitely. And the next work is drawn. Such a repetition is still continued.
March 27, 1998@ KUNIO SATO

Full of happy memories 1999