The world of Kunio Sato"Pleasant animals"
From July 20, 2003 to August a special exhibition was held in stone Museum,Japan.

Mr.Kunio Sato is well known for his characterstic portrayal of animals in his illustrations.The human like personas are depicted in the richness of expression of a laughing cat or a crying gorilla.The animals seem to come alive before our very eyes.He takes the animal and gives it various human expressious and gestures.We can appreciate his human while enjoying these illustrations.He can siders his best and most diverse work to have been done since 1997 and these are the works generally exhibited.The charm of the secret world of Kunio Sato brings out the child in all of us.
It is a source of pleasure to create a dream through a picture.The process can be a mixture of joy and pain,and satisfaction when complated.Even if the picture is sad,it can be enjoyed .He lived in Dannoura,yashima from 3 to 10 years old.Even though times were tough and his parents were busy,he played by himself and develeped a rich imagination on.As aresult,he was happ to hold on exhibition in the place where he grew up .
Kunio Sato          
Mure-cho is a town well known for "Aji stone" stone and its world-class stone building techniques.This building in troduces tbe culture and history of this local stone.

Meeting place scenery
On the opening day, from left a fan, uncle and Sato.