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It was reborn on January 7, the Kunio Sato museum opening and 2000 by the desire of wanting to see the work, and to make the place that was able to take a rest always readily as "Small Kunio's Sato museum", renamed to "Cniogarare" on July 7, 2006, and it moved to a new place on December 17, 1996. It wishes that it want to keep be though it changes in the age.
Kunio Ltd. on July 7, 2006
I was surprised at many of the amount by itself when an original picture and a solid work were carried and put in this place. It has looked back on the road where it has walked when this one point a piece has been made from giving whole mind at that time of that time. Moving word to "Long incline" of Shugoro Yamamoto who read when it is youngIt is long, and, after all, going up to the top of the mountain at a jump, and climbing it firmly by one step a step are the same as person's life. Climbing it can see on the way botanical, fountain, and various things by one step ..going up at a jump.., and confirming one step one step and gripping confidence help from it ..strong... Was recalled. It listens to Chiharu's Matsuyama song "Orooro" well at recentness. And, "Samusanonatshaorooroalki" of Kenji's Miyazawa "Rain Nimomakez" strangely remains. Now since whether something can be done for others only because of no me of trowing though the life is not understood still.
Kunio Sato on July 7, 2006

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Year end and new year
It temporary closes for the exhibition changing and it exists.

The exhibition changing is done every the basis 3 months.
I will do the exhibition changing in January, April, July, and October.
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